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You can see some of my work here or visit MY INSTAGRAM where you can DM to collab

Here are some of my interviews:

Nowhere Diary

The Wasted Hour

Art Haus

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Here are some AWESOME PEOPLE who make my prints look COOL!!!

This is LESIA. She said why don’t YOU feature ME holding your PRINT and this is how this beautiful corner of the web came to life

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Say HeLlILoOoOo to ILYA! AKA Trillya AKA the most powerful and magical wizard in Williamsburg you’ll ever encounter. Ilya emerged from the primordial womb rapping, concepting, and being a beautiful human angel. One more hello for Ilya.



This is LUCY! Lucy is an amazing visual artist with an insane level of talent, thank you Lucy!

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 10.36.42 PM Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 10.36.17 PM


This isss JACOB!  JACOB  has better music taste than half of Brooklyn combined, is bl00d-related to bAby Yoda, and goes by the nickname Scroogus



Here is my stunning twin flame Sarah! SARAH  is insanely beautiful inside & out, more wise than Gandalf, and an amazingly talented coder, baker, & photographer. Basically the definition of goddess : ]

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This is ALEX ! Alex taught me how to shoot and is one of the greatest humans you’ll ever meet. A lot of people tell Alex he looks like James Franco which is true, but don’t tell him that because he thinks it’s annoying.




This is SARAH ! Sarah makes amazingly beautiful art that mixes realism and emotion in such a fragile, gorgeous way. Not to mention, she herself is gorgeous and beyond cool!




Here’s a mix from my good friend JOE : ] Joe is one of the sweetest folks in the world and also makes amazing memes and music [clearly]. More people should be like Joe. : )

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